How to select and position the right repeater?

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Need to extend the ZigBee network with a router or repeater? Check out our how-to guide below to make the right choice.

How to select the right repeater?


It is important to select the proper repeater (router) to ensure successful and stable operation, so this document gives some background and guidelines on which device to select when.


Repeater options 

RMZ-1215-R10: S2C radio, internal wire antenna - limited range

RMZ-1215-R34: S2B radio, external dipole antenna - extended range


Below are some guidelines on which router to choose in which type of layout. In case of doubt, it is always advised to do a site survey.


Small projects (e.g. Quick Service Restaurant)

The low power R10 routers are perfect when you install e.g. one in the production area and one in the close vicinity of the main freezer and main chiller. Distances and obstacles (walls) should be moderate and limited to around 30 meters.

Note: Using the R10, the signal will not travel from one floor to another.

Larger projects (e.g. large hotel kitchen)

Try to build so-called ‘Isles’ around lower power R10 routers, these will pick up the signals from the RMONO nodes E10 which are installed inside the cooler equipment. Install higher power ‘bridges’ to interconnect these isles to each other and ultimately to the central gateway. 

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