How do I fill in checklists in the RmoniWeb App?

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Checklists can be completed in the RmoniWeb App using the following easy steps:

  • Step 1: Open the RmoniWeb App
  • Step 2: Navigate to the Checklists Section
  • Step 3: Start the checklist
  • Step 4: Fill in the checklist
  • Step 5: Complete the Checklist

The steps will be explained below:

Step 1: Open the RmoniWeb App

Launch the RmoniWeb App. Make sure that the tenant is entered and that the user logs in with an user account that has the right permissions.


Step 2: Navigate to the Checklists Section

Once logged in, navigate to the "Checklists" section within the RmoniWeb App. This section shows all checklists that still needs to be completed. There is a search field (for checklist name) at the top and filter options (for organizational unit) available at the top-right of the screen. The following rules apply to this screen:

  • Checklists are sorted chronologically, this means the checklist that needs to be completed first will appear at the top. Checklist with the same deadline are ordered based on alphabetical order after that.
  • Checklists who have exceeded the deadline are displayed in red as shown in the picture below.
  • Checklists with the ⥀ symbol are ad-hoc, these reoccurring checklists will always be available. This will be explained below


Ad-hoc checklist are always available. There is no fixed frequency. As soon as an Ad-hoc checklist is started, a new one is already available. This is particularly helpful for processes that are hard to schedule in a fixed frequency (E.g. reheating of products).


This overview might be empty if all the checklists have been completed. New checklists will be published based on the checklist plans. This does not apply to Ad-hoc checklist, since they will remain in this overview.


Step 3: Start the Checklist

Select a checklist to start it. An confirmation pop-up will be shown. If, during the set-up of the checklist, the option that a checklist may be skipped was enabled, the possibility to do so is shown here. Next to the option Yes and No, the option Skip is available. If selected, a comment is needed and the checklist will be skipped. After skipping the checklist will disappear from this overview. Please note that internet connectivity is needed to start a checklist.


Step 4: Fill in the Checklist

If the checklist is started, there are two options that may be shown:

  • Checklist with one category: Users will start at the first question of the checklist
  • Checklist with multiple categories: A category overview is shown, this enables users to:
    1. Quickly navigate through the checklist
    2. To skip categories (by swiping right to left)
    3. Have an overview of the current status per category (how many questions are already completed)


Select or enter the answers, these are saved automatically. Users are able to swipe between questions. Users don’t have to do this in a set order and might (temporarily) skip the question, as long as it will be completed when the checklist is submitted.


If the given answer is outside the set norm, a corrective action will be triggered. This needs to be entered before users are able to submit the checklist. 


Step 5: Complete the Checklist

If the user reaches the last question (of the last category), one of the following two options will occur:

  • A submit pop-up will be shown to finalize the checklist. The checklist is submitted and will disappear from the checklist overview.
  • If something wasn’t completed, the user will be send back to the first skipped question or action. The checklist can only be submitted if all questions and (if applicable) actions are completed. As soon as the last input has been completed, a submit pop-up will shown. The exception here are skipped categories.

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