Release notes – RmoniWeb App v1.6.0

Modified on Fri, 20 Oct 2023 at 01:17 PM

The release notes for the mobile App (v1.6.0) update are split in to three main functionalities:

  • New log in page
  • Do-it-yourself enhancements
  • Other optimizations

New log in page

We completely overhauled our log in page to make logging in even easier! These changes have impact on several components within the App:


  • New look and feel
    We added a new look and feel for the log in page to make sure the necessary steps / information needed to log in are more clear and the readability is increased as well. 


  • New log in page
    The log in page is split into two parts, to prevent any difficulties while logging in:
    1. Step 1: Enter the customer name (this is only done once)
    2. Step 2: Log in with the user credentials


  • Show password
    We added the possibility to show the password while logging in, to make sure no typos were made.


  • Register trail account
    No customer yet, but interested in the endless possibilities of RmoniWeb? It’s now possible to create a free trial account within the App, using the Start free trial button (when no customer is selected yet).

RmoniWeb login page

Do-it-yourself enhancements

We’ve added several enhancements to make the Do-it-yourself process even better! These changes have impact on several components within the App:


  • Manual input allowed while registering sensors
    We’ve added the possibility to also add sensors manually using the MAC-address. This option is shown in the top right of the QR-code scanner overview.


  • Scan routers / gateways
    Routers and gateways needs to be scanned and registered to your account from now on. They will be shown in the System health overview to monitor their status as well.


  • System health
    We’ve added an additional menu-item in the Settings screen. With the System check users can check the health of their Temperature monitoring set-up (sensor(s), router(s) and gateway(s)). Any issues, such as a low battery or poor signal strength are flagged with a Warning status in this overview. 


  • System check – Details per device
    Each individual device can be selected to show additional information. If there are any warnings then these will be shown clearly. The details will show all found issues and the possible solutions to fix the issue. Next to the issues found, also some device information is shown. Some examples are: 
    • Signal strength (Warning if: ≤ -80 dBm)
    • Battery (percentage) (Warning if: ≤ 20 %)
    • Firmware version
    • Hardware type
    • Probe type
    • MAC-Address

Additional optimizations

We also added some additional optimizations:

  • New App icon
    The RmoniWeb App has a new App icon.


  • New start up page
    If the App is opened for the first time or after some time of inactivity, an updated loading screen is shown.


  • Verification pages
    We added an additional page after logging in to check whether there are any new update for you. If that’s the case, we’ll let you know so you can update the App and make sure that you’ll always work with the latest App version.


  • New and additional checklist icons
    We’ve added some additional checklists icons, namely: “Preparation” and “Serving/presenting”. All other icons have been updated as well to be more recognizable.

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