Release notes - RmoniWeb v2.0.22 [20210415]

Modified on Tue, 08 Jun 2021 at 04:02 PM

Check out the newest features and enhancements we've just released in RmoniWeb v2.0.22:

Deviate from standard checklist plans
This functionality enables users to deviate from standard checklist plans. This is useful when some, but not all, locations are closed on certain days, during certain periods or during Holidays. This can be configured per individual location.

Ad hoc checklist plans
This functionality enables that certain checklists can be configured as Ad-hoc checklists. These checklists have no deadline and can be started when ever this is needed. These checklists are therefore always available and as soon as a checklist is started, a new checklists is already published. This is useful for checklists whose frequency can vary greatly from day to day.

Enable / disable entire checklists from the manage checklist overview
This functionality makes it possible to easily enable or disable entire checklists, rather than opening them first and enable / disable each category or question.

Sensor types
Users only see sensor types depending on which type of sensors the customer has.

Add recipients directly to organizational units while adding
New recipients can be linked directly to an organizational unit in a second tab while adding them to RmoniWeb.

Approve multiple checklists at once
(Multiple) Checklists can now be approved in one go directly from the published checklists overview. This works the same as archiving and deleting checklists.

Number of items per page increased
The number of items per page have been increased from 10 to 25 items.

Timestamps per questions added
Each completed questions shows when it was completed by means of a timestamp. This information can be found in each checklist detail page in the published checklist overview.

Switch to customer button
The “Switch to customer” button is always switched on.

Editing categories in standard checklists
Changing the text of a category in a standard checklist does result in overwriting categories of  already customized categories in derived checklists.

Various optimizations
Various optimizations and bugfixes

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